Lino Print Test

I found a beautiful book in the library some time ago now and decided to make my own version of the cover in a lino print. This was a bit of an experiment. It is A3 in size, and I can see now that I could have done with burnishing the paper better, as well as possibly doing a reduction print.

With this being the first layer print, my understanding of reduction prints is that the first layer would be the lightest, with the colours gradually getting darker, and finally printing on the darkest colour to add the darkest parts.

Not bad for a couple of tries in to lino cutting but there’s  a ways to go yet. I like the detail to the right hand side where there is a bit of a swirl effect, and I like the marks at the top of the print where the cream colour comes into the black. If I can work on developing cuts like that I would be happy with progress in this area, I think!


Due to it’s unusual dimensions it might look wonky framed. There are ‘dead’ areas in the design which I think would have far too much space if this was mounted and framed.

Does it go in the bin?

What does one do with test prints and education based print runs? Surely everythings education. Hmm!

dream 23.jpeg


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