Heart Kites Monoprint


dream 15


Reverse of page:dream 19

I was having a mess evening in the studio some weeks back and after doing some spot lino prints and carbon paper print experiments I felt like getting a bit messier. So I cracked out the red lino printing ink (recently purchased from Evans art supplies in Dublin), and just went ahead and did this print.

Shown here is the reverse of the image where you can see the pencil marks.

For anyone reading who doesn’t understand mono printing or who has not yet tried it, you roll ink with a brayer onto a sheet of perspex or glass, ‘float’ paper onto that surface making sure not to touch or rub on it – then take a blunt implement or pencil, or texture to the back of the paper (seen above here with the blue and black) – and then this applies pressure into the inked surface, thus giving you a print!

It is a fun, easy and simple thing to do and I recommend it just for a bit of relaxation and for interests sake.

Again, not sure what I will do with as it being a test print does not have great care or consideration in the paper choice unfortunately. It is from an A3 Moleskine notebook however as you will see there are torn corners, and marks on the paper which would effect it’s framing.

Not sure what I will do with this – but I enjoyed the process!
It inspired some miniature gift cards, which I will show in a later post. They will be in the etsy shop and I think they are quite cute if I may say so myself!!


x Tor


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