1916 Letters

I was in Dun Laoghaire recently (Co. Dublin – gorgeous little town!) and I picked up a spongey little canvas in a new shop which has opened there called Sorstrene Grene.

It is a nice little shop, and worth a visit if you’re there – I also picked up modelling paste, gesso, some brushes, a couple of little boxes for organising my lino printing materials – some collage tissues, tea light candles and whatever else caught my eye!!

dream 31‘Letters, 1916’ Mixed media on canvas

We are all a bit obsessed with 1916 at the moment it being the centenary, and whilst browsing through the newspaper whilst sitting beside my new art supplies I saw these lovely little handwritten letters. I decided to capture them and ended up making the above piece. There is slight yellowing happening which I actually quite like given the age of the letters, however if I was to do something like this again I would need to look into priming the delicate newspaper pieces in order to preserve their coloring.

Another nice little experiment which I think looks rather pleasing and I like that it has a bit of history to it. It’s also my first foray with canvas in a while which I felt was quite nice. What do you think? Any tips?

x Tor

This piece is a bit shorter than A4 in size.


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