Watercolour Portrait

Watercolour Portrait

I painted this about a year ago, and just came across it the other day. It is the lovely Stephen. Watercolours, with no sketching before hand just went straight for it on the paper and this is what came out. I quite like it, though I would love to get a lot more practice in with the Watercolours. I have a nice idea and will share it as it develops so watch this space.
Whilst on the topic of watercolours, I also received some great news this week that mvickehsmally lighthouse painting from the Plein Eire painting festival in Wexford last year was FOUND and will be returned to me soon. Delighted. I was really gutted when Tony was in touch to say it was THROWN OUT! But it has magically re-appeared. *Makes space on bathroom wall*

And here’s for something a little different: I got this ice cream and instantly started seeing it as a man with a beard with a towel on his head taking the piss and having the craic. So then I opened Photoshop, and this happened…


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