An Evening of Experimental Printmaking with Debora Ando in her Temple Bar Studio


print3The printmaking was experimental because the liquid you see in the trays above is in fact flat Pepsi! And our printing plates consisted of a perspex under for support and a tin foil drawing surface. Using waxy drawing tools or a natural vegetable soap, you draw on the surface and submerge in the Coca Cola or Pepsi. This corrodes slightly giving you an inkable, printable surface with your image. (if all goes well!).


Debora got the idea as she found some print makers online who were messing around with this process and I am very glad that she decided to gather together some people to see what would happen in our own experiments. It was a lovely evening having some fun with printmaking! Though the results were not incredible it was really fun to try and I loved using the printing press and seeing the studio.
Thanks Debora 🙂

Pictured here to the right is my first plate swishing and sitting in the Pepsi for 5-7 minutes. One of Deboras prints came out very clear and that was at 5.5 minute mark. This image I drew did not impress on the tin foil after the Pepsi bath – I have a feeling I messed up one of the steps. The joy of printing is fabulous – I really do love it. More experiments are needed here to find the perfect formula. Debora will be updating her blog with more pictures from our session and no doubt, some insight into the best method for the best results! I will be sure to update with a link when that is available.


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