Striking Mochipet sticker


Some years ago I saw a musician called Mochipet got a batch of new stickers printed up, as he was posting photos to his MySpace. I thought the graphic was really striking, and Mochipet was always popping up in my MySpace updates so I sent him a quick mail and asked him if he’d like to send me some and i’d stick them in Ireland for him.

I am making this blog post because this image has been knocking around in my life since then, however many years ago that was – probably 8 or so, and it is one which I see regularly. I think it deserves a place here in the blog! I have just recently come across one of the stickers with sticky intact – and I have scanned it here to show it to you all.

I remermber being very excited opening the package that these arrived in, as it was far bulkier than I imagined it would be. Inside was not just these cool stickers but a BabyZilla poster, a selection of other stickers and a CD. One of these stickers I placed about 7 years ago is still where I put it on Grafton Street in Dublin.

How’s about a prize for the first person to send me a pic of it in situ!?


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