Stained Glass window detail from Musée Cluny in Paris

A recent trip to Paris had us take a long leisurely stroll towards the Metro station near the Eifell Tower. Ducking out of some rain, post crépe, we hopped on a metro towards Cluny where we spent the day admiring all sorts of wonderful medieval designs and artefacts. Some of the most striking to me were the stained glass windows of which I snapped some camera phone pics.


Some other photos from the Musée Cluny:

Woman with replacement foot at Musée Cluny in Paris
This little missus be rockin’ a makeshift foot
2012-10-11 15.49.46
Oh there it is 😀

Medieval Tiled Floor

Worth a visit – lots of gorgeous stuff on display! Tapestries galore, too. And if you are under 25 and an EU resident you get free admission to many French museums! Wahoo!


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