Knitting a ribbed hat – fail.

This little number was knitimage entirely on busses and luases (Luaii?) a couple of weeks ago and I cast on with the intention of being a ribbed hat of some description. Perhaps a bit optimistic in my learner state, especially having deciding not to use a pattern and see what happened. (I need to stop doing this maybe?….or perhaps not šŸ™‚ ) I soon realised it was totally too big. 3 strands of DK, and I can’t remember now what size needles but I think I used 10mm. I have since discovered I accidentally did moss stitch [very badly and inconsistently] throughout. This project, though not a knit ribbed hat as initially set out to be is now a seriously comfortable, warm neck warmer. It did leave me understanding how not to try ribbing ( which I have since conquered), and I actually really like this as a neckwarmer. All is not lost. I love the effect from the three strands mixed and it is very soft and springy. Definitely learned from it. And still not sure how to spell definitely correctly. *goes and checks* I’m learnding! This has now become a cold weather favourite neck warmer!


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