Chemicals, Additives and Nasty Stuff in Lush products. Kudos to their Marketing Team.

Still off the cigarettes and dandering around town I decide to treat myself to some Lush products. However it turns out they are not as big a treat as they say they are! Read on to find out which products are the least packed with chemicals.

At almost 2 weeks off Cigarettes after smoking for many, many years (12, to be precise) – I last Thursday decided I would spend a day in town treating myself! After spending a great morning with Fán Regan of the Printing Rooms, (which is now cleverly being renamed ‘Fawn’), I took the stroll up the beautiful, leafy Autumnal Baggot Street and headed towards Dublin City.

Walking past the Shelbourne hotel, towards Grafton Street I gave my long term deprived senses an extra shake for the day.  I unscrewed the lid of my Blood Orange ‘juice’ I had bought 2 hours earlier, and took one sip out of it. Sigh. Absolutely Disgusting. I wanted fresh, juicy, blood orange taste, with bits and life energy in it. I looked at the bottle again and politely told myself to cop on – what could I expect from a bottled juice in a newsagents, that has a shelf life of weeks and weeks? The colour was also suspisciously bright fecking red. Well done Vici. See ya later €2.50 and **Waits for nutrition that will not arrive**. A quick glance at the E numbers on the bottle confirmed my decision to not have any more of the drink, and I slam dunked that bitch into the next bin I came across.

Later that day I was walking by Lush at the bottom of Grafton Street and decided to swing in. ‘C’est trés jolie, non?’ “Ah oui – c’est parfait!”. I would get myself something nice to pamper myself with, yes, that’s what i’d do! I  dandered into the shop with the intenti0n of not one but two treats for myself.

After getting talking to a really nice girl who worked there, I soon learned that many more Lush products are vegan friendly than ever before. The girl I was talking to was great at her job and was really helpful in helping me navigate my way through their products. She was informative, pleasant and helpful, like most of the staff I have ever come across in there.

On exiting the shop I was a Shampoo Bar and a Shower Gel heavier – and I also now had on me a copy of the Lush Times. Delighted. They products I chose were both Vegan products too, by accident/coincidence – I was really looking forward to some guilt free pampering of myself when I got home. Thanks Lush!

Cut to a few days later. I am still off the cigarettes (That’s 15 days now!). Today I decided i’d have a look at the Lush times, and pick my next two treats out as I am enjoying the ones I picked up. I am very sorry to say that I am horrified at what i’m seeing. There is chemical after chemical after chemical listed in the ingredients of these Lush products. Parabens, Sulphates, Hydroxides, Benzoates. When did this happen, Lush?! Are these recent additions to Lush products?

For example, the Snowglobe soap contains:

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Perfume
  • Soldium Stearate
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • EDTA
  • Tetrasodium Etidronate
  • Benzyl Benzoate
  • Golden Lustre Hydroxycitronellal

The Good Stuff

I have gone through the Lush Times and have crossed out all the products that contain the nasty stuffs. I have allowed for Perfume. Those which I haven’t included here contain sulphites, parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, lauryl betaine, EDTA and or other chemicals and colourings. The ones listed below have all natural ingredients, apparently, except for what I have listed in the brackets after the name.

  • Cleansers: 
    • Buche De Noel Cleanser (Only black ingredient listed is ‘Perfume’ – a bit nondescript, really),
    • Aqua Marina Cleanser
    • Mask of Magnaminty CLeanser
    • Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser
    • Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser (Perfume)
    • Herbalism
  • Lip Scrubs: Popcorn Lip Scrub (Flavouring), Mint Julips Lip Scrub (+Flavour), Sweet Lips Lip Scrub (+Flavour), Superbalm
  • Hair:Snake Oil, Soak and Float shampoo (Perfume),N0 Drought Dry Shampoo, Caca Rouge, Caca Marron,Caca Brun, Caca Noir, Ultrabalm.
  • Fresh Facemasks – (+Perfume). Contains some nasty sounding things but they are marked with stars in this case and the small print says they occur naturally in essential oils? I think I smell a rat and i’m going to have to look into this as I have seen the same ingredients listed as black in other products. The Cosmetic Warrior, Love Lettuce are the best choices here – none of their ingredients are marked black. Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask contains Methyl Ionone and Colour 18050 so they are all okish (depending on result of above research) except for those two.
  • Others Good / Least Offending Stuffs: Full of Grace Facial Serum Bar, Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar,Hottie Massage Bar (+Perfume), Peace Massage Bar, Therapy Massage Bar, Each Peach Massage Bar, Silky Underwear dusting powder (+Perfume),Buffy (+Perfume), King of Skin (+Perfume),Putty For Your Hands Soap

This does not obviously summize all of Lush’s products as they are always changing, and being retired. I went through the Lush Times titled ‘The Christmas Issue 2012″ with the picture of a pile of presents on the front of it and snowflakes. I by-passed the gift boxes as they have a mix in them and are laden.

And another point before I go – what good is it having Vegan products, if there’s chemicals and poison in them? I appreciate that it is good for animals but the people using them are trying to take great care of themselves by being Vegan, and these Vegan friendly products are not quite as they seem.

Sing us out, Peter Paul and Mary…. “Oh the Lush Times, They are a changing”


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