Someone Put Crack in the Wool

Absolutely lashed this hat out today! That’s a total of 5 hats so far. This is the second crocheted one – a much denser fabric this time. I found the one to be too hair netty and I wasn’t a fan of the wool in the end result, even though I loved it on the ball. I’ve learned a good few things from these two hats and I am happy with the overall results even if not particularly with the hats.

The second crocheted hat – a much nicer surface! Warm too 🙂

This hat above was again done without using a pattern. Though it is not exactly to my liking I am very chuffed that it even resembles a hat, that it is mildly head shaped, and that it is even wearable! Let alone looks kind of decent! The crochet design even has a nice sunburst effect. The pattern is consistent and the rounds are even. I am definitely getting better. In hindsight, I did about 4 rows too many. Possibly even 5. This has resulted in it being a bit baggy at the back, which is what I was going for but this is to the extreme! I can’t help but think of L.L Cool J or Samuel L. Jackson when I put this on and patted down the excess fabric at the back!

Lesson learned. Though it is hard to measure a hat on your head when you are on a DART and Luas, it is definitely worth doing as there is not much one can do with a pile of oversized / odd shaped hats, is there? I considered continuing this back down and shrinking the head hole right back to a point to make it a cushion for when i’m laying down reading. That would be gorgeous too but I set out to make a hat and a hat is what I got! Technically I could still make it a cushion.. I will see 🙂

Next up, am going to try the same again, but the goal this time is to get it better fitting. I am fed up trawling the internet for patterns tbh, and I like doing it this way and revelling in the failures and successes 🙂 There will be a massive pile of hats in my house soon but at least I am still off the cigarettes! I spent 40 euro on wool and needles yesterday – completely justified and ok because I’ve been off cigs for…. 10 days! A wee treat for myself, along with the devillishly good hot chocolate as a super spoiling treat from Anna. Marshmallows, cream, the works. It was the bomb!


On another strange note, I was getting the DART today and the track was flooded at Dun Laoghaire or some shit. (Can never make out a word they say on those loud speakers) – but I whipped out my crochet while I was waiting (the first few rows of the hat!) and eventually a DART comes. Low and behold i’m walking up to the doors and I see some knitting needles twitching just inside the window seat. There is a girl about my age sitting there knitting a scarf! The naturally appealing free seat too, with a lower density of people around. We had a little chat about knitting and a bit of a giggle – she had just given up smoking too! Crazy world this. She had a fabulous hat she has just made (this is actually gas – what are the odds!), so I asked her for some tips on that and I will make one after my next crochet hat. Hmm maybe i’ll even make that one next.

Anywho yes! That’s that.

Another day another hat.

Who knows where this will lead.

Someone put crack in the wool, and I have added a Hat category to my blog.


Update: hat is now owned by the lovely Santa who appeared at the Mingle Marcade in town over the Christmas period. I was delighted to give it to such a good home – it was just sitting here unused, and apparently he absolutely loved it.


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