Pattern Festival? I'd go.

Spotted a sign for this ‘Pattern Festival’ last year while down in Cork last year. I know the festival is not actually a festival of patterns, but it got me thinking. A pattern festival… how delightful would that be! A pattern festival… a festival celebrating patterns, their making and their development. Would be savage, definitely niche, but I would definitely attend and have a whale of a time, that’s for sure.

  • Tent Pattern-decorating workshops (using hand cut stencils/tape/large paper motifs and spray paint.)
  • Screenprint your sleeping bag Workshop
  • Tool could play, they use fibonacci sequence to build in some of their songs – for example, Lateralus.
  • There could be a William Morris stage. Have no idea what would happen on it but some epic pattern shit, that’s for sure. Pattern jams for making collaborative mental patterns would be good.

  • Apple Mac PhotoBooth inspired photo kiosks for tripping out to you and your mirrored self mates.
  • Optical illusion tunnels and panels.
  • Pattern based nature walks – followed by workshops. Fibonacci tastic, of course.
  • And HEAPS more stuff… maybe even a synchronized swimming style concert, for shits and giggles.
  • Spirograph party
  • Performers that do things like the Daft Punk ‘Around the World’ video.
  • Have only just started thinking about this, but, yes, I quite like the sound of that. Ballyyesplease Pattern Festival, you are now pronounced open for discussion dans ma tete.


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