Cork Snaps from Camera Phone

Spent an impromptu weekend in Cork having the craic with the lovely Caitriona and Stephen. There was a body painting work shop on in which Caitriona attended, and myself and Stephen dandered off and explored the city. The fabulous city. I took lots of photos, The ones below are just some of them from my camera phone. I have a big folder of other pictures to sort through at some stage soon. What a beautiful beautiful city. Nearly ended up quitting everything and moving there within a matter of hours – Vibes and Scribes were looking for staff.

like you mean it
it is such a colourful city, there were beautiful layers of colour to be seen everywhere just like this. a magpeye heaven!
this is an image which is a crop of a massive long wall mural in the city centre. the mural is fabulous but what I loved about it most was that the artist had painted himself into it standing beside his mother and he looked so content. his watch had no hands painted in.
eh actually... yeah!
"enjoy your body painting class Caitriona! may you...paint....well....."
good to hear
anything put through this has to be as ornately decorated as itself
Guess what was closing in 5 minutes approx 10 minutes after we got there, and had to turn the lights off? That's right. The Honan Chapel....This would be shit, however the Honan Chapel is where Harry Clarkes biggest fan in the world (myself and Stephen combined into one mega fan) finally got to see the unspeakable beauty of the stained glass windows, lit purely from behind in a dark church. Heaven.
I am actually in love with these things!
my camera phone is fairly shit. this was far more vivid looking when walking past - if only images could truly reflect the essence of a place as intended by the photographer... *then* we'd be getting somewhere

What a gorgeous city. Really can’t wait to go back.


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