David Hockney, Selection of Drawings 1950 – 1980

I am starting a drawing class with a fantastically passionate art friend of mine tomorrow, and I am too excited for words. It has been so long since I’ve actually sat down and dedicated time to drawing which is absolutely scandalous, given it is one of my favourite things in the whole world to do. For inspiration and a reminder to be free and have fun with drawing, I have been looking up art online the last while. Oh if only Google produced the paper and sketchbooks s in front of me. How divine would that be? *jams it back into the disc drive with a post it note attached for David**

Below are a selection of David Hockney’s earlier drawings ranging from 1950 to 1980. He is one of my all time favourites and pardon my lack of English breadth, but I actually just love him. I hope you enjoy…



There are various art classes starting this week and I endeavour to attend at least one a week for the next few months. I have this affinity with Ceramics and Pottery, as well as Life Drawing so am hoping to get back on the horse and give it a go. (Hopefully this week also). Seeing as my brain is in ‘Applied Arts’ ‘Found Objects’ and ‘Textiles’ land the last few years, I am excited to see what is going to happen! No doubt it will be a bit rusty to begin with, but I intend to stick with it as my life without art is lacking a huge passion of mine.

Godspeed folks, go and do what you love!


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