I’m a total sucker for the most simple things ever. In my opinion it takes a long time, patience and a lot of work to strip back ideas to such a level of utility and clarity. I find this so beautiful, when objects, utensils, printed design are just exactly as they need to be. No extra bits or whirly majjigs – I just find it so beautiful that they are as they are. It is then, once they are at this level of beauty that I find I can appreciate clever twists, and this is what I really enjoy. I’d compare it to a well considered, well written, witty poem that is typeset beautifully so you read it exactly as intended by the poet…..versus a modern movie, with lots of CGI.

I was doing some link click throughing (new word ♥) and found myself on a montessori supplies website, not really sure why but jeez. Totally remembered some of these objects from when I was very very young and along with them I remember the sense of touch, and simplicity. The feel of the wooden nobs on the first image below, I can remember clearly. Put this, in there. Ok. Pour this, into this. Ok. What is this shape. A triangle. Ok. Etc.

And these coloured shapes remind me of my triangle danglies I made last year that I still freakin adore. They are so simple but they twist and twirl in the wind in my room and make me smile inside. Beaut.

All of the above objects are available from here, as I mentioned above, a montessori supplies website.

I have picked up a few of these children learning aid style things along my ventures. I think I sold some of them as I wasn’t sure at the time why I had baught them, but now I know. Unfortunate but the show must go on. I have the remainders packed away at the moment and am looking forward to getting them out for a mess around. The most recent addition to the collection is a set of colourful building blocks that I picked up in Oxfam in Dun Laoghaire the other week.  I kind of love childrens stuff. Wonder what this says about my mental state lol. But honestly it’s so appealing to me for it’s thorough, lack of bullshit.
I have found some blogs, and images that hint at the usage of this aesthetic for the adult world and they actually joy me so much. Joy as a verb. Yes. I found this fabulous video on Vimeo some months back, and the design of the space is actually just perfect in my eyes. Exactly the kind of thing I love and look to for inspiration. Not a fan of her glasses at all though I must say.

And this is a style sheet I put together some time ago. It currently lives on my Flickr page, which could do with a bit of a spring clean (autumn clean?), and some fresh uploads. But there you go.

Au revoir mon petit pois. It’s dinner time.



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