Splitting Image

I’m not really a fan of these typographic portraits as i’ve just seen so many of them, and loads of them very poorly done.
This one is one of the better ones I’ve seen as there is actually some effort made to shade. However i’m still not willing to say I like it, or that it moves me in any way. There’s skewing and bending of letters and all sorts which make me say yuck inside but overall it is “ok”. I found it in a search for Paul Renner’s work, and it is a portrait of him done by “Klikster” on DeviantArt. So why am I posting it? Because it is an uncanny resembelance to one of my first boyfriends and I find that a bit weird. He was made purely of black type, I swear.

If you are interested in Paul Renner, the person who this portrait is of; or in learning more about typography, there is a rather lengthy (text) synopsis of his work detailed on this page.


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