Multiverso Logo

I was looking online for some images of Reudi Baur’s work as I remember thinking some bits and pieces were nice.
I have since realised I got him confused with Emil Ruder, and was wondering why I wasn’t enthralled with the search results. However, all is not lost because in my derp moment of searching for Reudi Baur instead of Emil Ruder, I came across this logo which I think is lurvleh.

It is for “Multiverso: Icograda Design Week” that was held in Torino in 2008. I’m not sure if they still use this logo, or if the event is even still ongoing, but the event promised “to inspire delegates through a series of exceptional presentations made by industry leaders.” One of the two speakers being Reudi Baur. Ok, sorry Reudi but i’m leaving you for Emil.


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