I am finally getting my ass in gear (ho ho) and learning how to drive.

Totally hellbent on getting a shit hot vintage mini, and ain’t gonna settle for anything less.
Total drool machines so they are!! I am not too keen on the new ones, I find they are too clean cut and streamlined and are lacking loads of the character that I love about the old ones. So there ya have it. This time next year, i’ll be well settled with my vintage ride of a car and will be out on the road enjoying the car so much!

So weird because I didn’t know this, but when I was telling my mum i’d love a mini she was like, that’s funny, I used to have a mini too. Turns out her mum had one too! Feckin gas.

My mum had one in this colour. Totally love it. Classy or what?

Zjoooom. Love the style of this one, the lights on the front are totally epic. Wish my mums memory was better she like squints at something at says “that’s the one!” to like 3 different types. I want to know EXACTLY which one she had!!!

Total. Drool. Oh dear jeebus these actually excite me so freaking much.

I want either the creamy white / or one of the more unusual light pastel teal coloured ones. (as pictured). I was considering the black, but they are too common for my liking. The light blue one here is pretty much, insanely perfect.

I was trying to figure out why I love mini’s so much and I came to these conclusions:

The woman Cathy that used to mind me when I was really small had a mini. I only remembered this when I saw her son, who is now my age, driving a totally sexy red mini, and I suddenly remembered that his mum had one and I used to see her driving around in it when I was younger. She lived right beside my old school so I don’t think I was in it much as we would have walked home, but then I remembered that they moved to near where I do and I can recall seeing her around a fair bit a good many years ago, and gazing at the mini and really appreciating it. I can’t remember what colour it was, but for some reason I think it was blue!

There is another woman who lives locally, who I used to think was a witch. She always said hi to me by my name and I never knew how she knew it. It freaked me out and I thought she was really magical when I was little (She has that look about her). She also drove (and still drives) a Black mini, that I totally drool at every time she drives past.

My uncle used to have a vintage car in his drive way for years and years when I was younger. It was in ok condition to begin with, and then it gradually just got worse and worse. I remember sitting in it when I was extremely young, and i’m not sure how because I then just remember it being a total rustbucket. I really loved that car it was such a magical place to hang out 🙂

And then my dad, and his love of cars comes into play. He had a yellow MG when he was a wee whippersnapper. I totally love the look of it and always remember him talking of it with great fondness. I have a photo of him standing beside it … and it is totally my fave photo ever.

I have a feeling someone else had a mini that was close to me or my family. I am gonna keep trying to find out. I love figuring out why I like the things I do. “Is that weird?”


Already on the road in my mind! ❤

I have just remembered about Mr. Bean and his lovely yellow mini! How could I forget!

[Double Edit] And of course the lovely Sarah Verso and her green beaut of a mini that she drove us up to Monaghan in some years ago! ❤


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