Was thinking about art yesterday and realised I hadn’t drawn or painted anything in ages. Just grabbed the notebook and a drawer from my art supplies …drawers things, and this is what came out! The colours are interesting, I like that I used some paint with it. Found out that loads of my acrylic paints from my portfolio days have dried up, they musn’t have been closed properly! Oops šŸ™‚ Lesson there perhaps to take better care of my things! (Stephen probably nodding along here lol).
So I was listening to Kate Bush when I started this piece, and when I finished, I was blasting Tool, singing along like the oul days. Was fab. Totally love them, and haven’t listened to in ages and ages. I find that happens alot when arting, it’s like a gateway inside and it heals things without even trying to and I always feel better when it’s over. Tool constantly surprise me, I might think i’ve gone off them but then I will hear them some time later and they will blow my mind all over again. Their lyrics are multifaceted, mean so many different things at different times and are just perfect.

Anywho, I have decided to re-open the blog, and you can expect lots of updates in the next week or two as I play catch up!!!
Hope you like the vid etc, I have made a pact to do more art again as I actually truly love it and miss it in my life!

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