Prym Flower Loom

I have posted before, the woolen flowers that I make using my adjustable peg loom. It is a Prym model, and is really quite sweet. It is easy to use, and very versatile. The only problem I have had with it is with tension and that the pegs are bending to accomadate the strain of the wool wrapping, but it is still definetly something I am very glad to own and always enjoy working with.

Today, as a change from the wool brooches, I decided to pick up the loom and try to make some flowers using some different threads. The first try I used regular sewing thread. I definetly did not do enough rounds, and I definetly was rusty at the technique.
The pegs were spaced one above one below and I do not recommend this, as it just didn’t seem to work very well. As my mother said on showing her this brooch, “he looks like he’s gotten a shock!”.

I tried out some of my seed beeds which i’ve been meaning to use for ages, so yeah here it is – some pictures of the process of the not so lovely first attempt of the day:

So, that was a fail. However I think the thread overlays could work really well with a slightly more substantial thread underneath, so I am going to try that later on tonight.

After this fail of a brooch, I decided to try moving the problematic outer pegs in, so I was just working with a full circle. This worked much better, and I was way way way way way happier with these guys. I used regular embroidery floss, figured out which needles work for the beading, (and bent them in the process by accident ; they are SO tiny and a nightmare to thread!!)

I have made three, and here are pictures of two:

I think these are really cute. The flash has unfortunately made them look a bit less appealing then they actually are. I have made another one like these, in a different colour – and I have also just made one out of wire!
I will put a picture of that up soon 🙂

Pff i’m so terrible at not crafting, I put the MakeLovely shop on hiatus last night in order to get me focused on non crafting work, yet I end up making these for a couple of hours!
Oh well.


Happy Christmas everyone!!!!!


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