How does one woman do the work of many women, and the work of many women that also needs the help of a lot of men?
I am both literally and physically, completely snowed under.

Moving my crafting room upstairs, from downstairs seemed like a fantastic idea at the time but I am now, very positive that it is not working. It is great having all of my stuff in one place, and more organised than it has been in the past however, any time I take anything out to make something – I am left for days surrounded in piles of stuff. It is overwhelming having it all in here, as well as sleeping in here.

I find it is creating huge problems when I try to go and do anything really, as there is a severe lack of a clear space to fool myself into thinking I have a clear head and can get the work done, on time, to a high standard. There is a disgusting amount of college work to be doing – and now i’m sat in a pile of crafting stuff, college stuff AND Christmas stuff. I literally don’t know where to start. My belongings, craft supplies, material, sewing machine and thesis notes are quite literally all over the house and it is driving me mad. I need a big long AGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and about forty hands to help me sort this mess out! Seriously, where do I begin?

Does anyone have any organisation tips, or insight into how they arrange the various threads of their life so that it runs smoothly within the house?

I could do with a time machine right about now let me tells ya. Would love to have this all neat tidy and pristine and have dedicated areas for what I want to do. I can’t print fabrics on a table I have to use to write a thesis on. I can’t write a thesis surrounded by piles of blank papers, books, pens, projects and beads. Somebody, help!


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