Accidental Glinger

So, is a fabulous website which trawls through the vast caverns of Etsy shops to show case some of the weirdest and most bizarre things people are already trying to sell, or that they are requesting to be made so they can buy it. It is full of ‘lols’ and ‘wtfs’… check out this ‘wtf’ for example,

So I was browsing Regretsy the other day and came across a recent post in which the forum users were to suggest feasable ‘regretsy’ style craft predicitions for the coming year..

Yes, gloveless fingers, or Glingers as one reader christened them. Like all successful trends on Etsy, they’re completely useless and utter bullshit. And that means THEY’RE GOING TO BE BIGGER THAN SKANTS!

I can just see them in a spring treasury, hand knit in colors like “Sugar Snap” and “Easter Grass”. Stupid hipster girls will model them at the Farmers Market, rubbing fruit against their pouting faces and looking like they just had their first idea. And every pair will be made from sustainable eco-friendly recycled organic fibers pulled from a donkey’s ass.

But you don’t have to wait for spring because Glingers™ are here! Yes, you, the readers, actually made some of these things, because you are wonderful, creative, prescient people. And because you have no jobs.

It includes this image,

So fast forward to today, i’m trying to get together some Christmas presents – I go to make this Crochet heart using youtube:

I fail miserably, my square is actually a lobsided rectangle, with holes at the edges, so I start freestyling that shit to see what happens.
Low and behold, 2 minutes later i’m holding a ‘Glinger’, something I wouldn’t have thought useful if I had not seen that post the other day. So, thank you, Regretsy for making my fail worthy!!


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