Holy crapola it’s been a busy week!
The orders are streaming in and i’ve been kept on my toes balancing college work, crafting, packaging, posting and thesis drafting! I have gotten some new craft goodies for myself and am so excited at the thought of putting them to use when I have some free time. I am not sure when that will be, but the thought of these things waiting to be used will keep me ploughing on me thinks 🙂

I got a rotary cutter.
An Olfa 45mm. I’ve been eyeing them up online for quite some time, and was in town the other day and went on a mission to find one! Got my hands on one in the Woolen Mills shop just over the Hay Penny Bridge from Temple Bar – a bit more pricey then online, but sometimes I think it’s worth it just to have it instantly!

It is already my new best friend as it can cut through more than one sheet of paper, accurately, at a time. Not only paper, but fabric too.
Cha ching 😀

I’ve got some quilting templates on the way, as well as a bookbinding Awl – which I have wanted for months and months now. I’ve got a few other treats coming too which I won’t tell you about as i’d like to keep it as a surprise for when they are put to use and the new experiments are unleashed!! So exciting, can’t wait to have some free time to get all these ideas out of my head and into the world!!

Awww in home news….Rolo’s been enjoying the snow and ice all this week – he has literally been in bed for about 2 weeks!!

CHIN RUBS!!!! ^__^

Crafting wise, I finished a brooch that Laura ordered for her Mum!! She ordered the tiny man brooch from me a while back and got in touch about ordering a version of her mum too!! So cute, I love making tiny things! Really enjoyed making this for her, and am considering trying out some Needlefelting in the next few weeks… mmm…felt!

I also managed to whip up some Christmas cards! I really like these guys…. looking forward to next year – a college free Christmas where I can craft til’ my hearts content!!

In other news, the lovely Sarah was on to me with a request! Someone she works withs daughters’ 21st is coming up in February, and her mum wants her teddy (who’s 21st it is as well) to be dressed suitably for the occasion!! I’ve been asked to make a tiny little tuxedo for the teddy and my heart is melting at the mere thought of it!!!!
I found this image online and would hope I could do it justice when he arrives! Should be an interesting project anyway, and definetly something i’d like to do more of in the future!

I will post some pictures of the bear and everything when he comes!

Right now I have to get back to focusing on my thesis draft!
I’m looking forward to doing more posts soon, hope everyone is well and enjoying the crappy weather (nice excuse for pyjamaing as a verb?) Action naps?

Love and ruffles!!


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