Toy-A-Day is a great website where you can print out paper templates for constructing your very own display toys!
I’ve made a few, and I absolutely love them! The website came up again in my research for college this week so I thought i’d share it with you incase you haven’t seen it before!

I have previously made ‘the Beatles’, Tweedledum and Tweedledee from Alice and Wonderland, as well as David Bowie. I gave them as gifts and they went down a treat! They look fab sitting on a shelf, and all you need is a printer, a scalpel and some glue or scotch tape… I used double sided tape for my ones and spray mounted them onto some thin card to give them a bit more weight – however paper works just fine too.

The only thing I will say is be careful when scoring the dotted lines to fold – I use the back of my scalpel, but if you press too hard the flap will severe and you will have to do a tape job!

I think my favourite so far is the Woody Allen printable – brilliant 😀



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