My A3 Notebook

I have been collating images of my work the past couple of weeks and have just upgraded to a Pro Flickr account. The immediate benefits I can tell are that you can get unlimited sets for your uploads, which is an instant thumbs up! I have been preparing some images to share and I have put together this run through of one of my drawing notebooks, and have uploaded it as a set to Flickr, where you can view it as a large slideshow.

And here it is in cute thumbnail format! You can click on each image, and magnify to be taken right up close!

Stephen gave me this notebook as a present around 2 years ago, and I ended up drawing in it every so often! It’s weird seeing it like this in a scrollable form, it almost seems like this thing that isn’t from me but I know I did it, if that makes sense?
Anyway, enjoy! Let me know what you think,



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