Pattern in People

My addiction and interest in seeking out pattern has been elevated to new levels in recent time. I thought I would share with you a book I am quite fond of, and my favourite spread in it. The book is called Over and Over : A Catalogue of Handdrawn Pattern. I got it for about 20 euro, and would recommend it if you have some money to splash around, but as for a ‘good buy’; I think equal amounts of inspiration and much more can be found online in a couple of hours searching – if you are focused. The benefit of finding images online may be more wide spanning, and might lead you to interesting examples across a range of media – allowing your work to take on cells of projects you are personally attracted to. However, in saying that, I am very glad I own this book, and I love having a printed selection of pattern to reference as I need to. As well as this, it explains a bit about each artist and how they got to where they are, which is ultimately, awesome. It also allows me to track my own personal pattern desires through the ideas I have mapped onto each page.

This is a spread of pattern by Scott Newlin. I looked online for more of his work and couldn’t find some. I think I need to look again.

Cue brain linkage!

I would like to introduce you to my ‘rent a crowd’ 😀 I got these guys a couple of weeks back and have been waiting to use them since. I was just looking at them last night after looking at Over and Over, and I think they would look awesome printed as end papers in a book. I will need to photograph them well.

I am looking forward to finishing this project so I can focus more on pattern, I *need* it.


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