Moore Moore Moore, how do you like it?

INFLUENCERS TRAILER from R+I creative on Vimeo.

I find it interesting that this is a video advertisement for a documentary that has or will be released. It is a video, on Vimeo, shared on the internet, and it is discussing “How Trends & Creativity Become Contagious”. Well, it is quite apparent that recent trends indicate that guerilla marketing, viral videos and it being cool to be ‘anti brand’, and ‘anti corporate’, are popular. This movie is obviously going to make money somewhere. They are going to make money by talking about how people make money. They are discussing the work of others, in the way that they have identified others as being successful – they are delivering the message to those who they identify as being the influenced and influencers all at once. $mart move.

It reminds me of Michael Moore, the film maker and journalistic writer who gained some fame with his 9/11 and WallMart movies some time ago. The films were hugely popular at the time for their hard hitting in your face style of delivery. The editing was obviously key in delivering the message with such hard hitting controversiality. They would have been swept under rugs all across America had they have not been delivered in such a way. They would not have even made it to houses to have the option of being swept under rugs. This dichotomy of information, where issues which affect us greatly are being presented in ways that maximise their marketing potential, are hilarious on one level, and deeply upsetting on others.

Just a thought.


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