I am a big fan of music, and would consider myself to have an extremely varied taste. I’m slowly trying to expand my tastes in an organic way, and I only explore music and go looking for connections amongst genres I already like when I am in the mood, and know that I will really be listening. I actively seek new music, and always welcome it into my life, but it is rare that something packs a punch, and I feel that when it does, you should let people know about it. I think we should take it as a sign of awesomeness if something just captures us and we want to be consumed by it until our hunger is filled. I love that feeling, and I love loving things. It makes me feel like a jug full of knowledge being topped up, some of the old crap spills out due to the new, higher quality not so liquid input, and you become less made from concentrate. Ho hum.

I have been thinking for some time now that good music was dead. I have not heard anything with a notable message in a very long time. The closest i’ve come recently, is probably with Boards of Canada, and Bjork. For someone else, Boards of Canada might not even appear to have a message as their work is generally beat, soundscape and melody orientated. There is no chorus, bridge, verse like we have been forced to become so used to. For me, this is specifically what I adore about them. Music is a direct communication tool that works on many levels, lyrics are one level but the overall feel of something generally tells us a lot more than the words do – think of talking to someone, and how we read their body language – why wouldn’t it be the same with music and media?

The past inside the present.

To me, BOC nod at our complex mathematical structures. I find this firstly, epic, and secondly, unfortunately of noteable value. In this day and age where music has become about nearly everything other than music, when something stands out as having meaning it has to be celebrated ten fold to make any kind of noise in an ocean of rubbish which is freely and aggressively celebrated forward slash marketed.(.com)

I absolutely love their song and album titles, and the music is just perfect for what it is and what it is there to do. The visuals that are generally linked to the band are well considered and allow the listener to become themselves, through a BOC lens. It is unobtrusive, repetitive, unfolding and divine.

I find pleasure in the music of artists such as Boards of Canada, mainly because of their absence of reference to modern day living, their total commitment and submergence in what they are doing – and their obvious passion for continuing to do so. As i’ve said before, when honesty and creativity go hand in hand, the results can only be beautiful. It is pure, solid and unique, yet through their dedication to exploring something that sings within side them, there has been the creation of a universal gift that we can all tap into, and reach that same place in ourselves if we want to.

Like with design, quality design goes unnoticed, or is noticed and admired by those interested in looking – and it is the badly designed objects and images that stand out like a smashed in face. There is a lot of noise that surrounds uneasy things and people, a constant struggle to find a place and aggressively fight off anything which threatens or conflicts the carefully composed exterior.
The ‘background music’ ishness that I associate with Boards of Canada makes them better in my opinion, as they do not feel the need to use lyrics, a composed front – they take the time to compile samples of things that say what they want to say, and they present it in a suitcase full of their sounds. We read as we wish, and we occasionally find a phrase amongst the interesting strata of sounds.

The absence of surface messages and lack of note of material things, teamed with the homage they play to life, passion and it’s mysteries are what keep me going back to Boards of Canada. They are unobtrusive, meditative, and quality musicians, and I admire anything which does what it intends, not talks about doing what it thinks should be done.

On that note, here is a video test I did put to the wonderful sounds of Boards of Canada. It obviously is rough, but it is something.


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