Clean up / Sewing Box

❤ I've been going through pictures all morning in an effort to back up my thousands of images of work past and present, incase I would have another Laptop death! The importance for backing up work has come to full light this week as we have been asked to produce images of all of our college work from the last 3 years. Slight problem there, as I've had 3 harddrive deaths and have pretty much lost everything. I am going to clean the laptop, then try my bestest to fix the harddrives and see if I can recover anything. Consider this my lesson learned. I am making a pledge to back up everything from now on, as I am working – so they are archived and organised. Foof.

The oul lappy seems to be doing ok for the amount of work she does but it has recently started shutting down at random intervals, and it is becoming more a regular occurance than I would enjoy!!

I have found loads and loads of pictures I forgot I had, with pictures of works in progress, finished works and all other sorts of tom foolery! I will hopefully be putting together some posts over the next few weeks of the process of some of my projects, including lots of pictures, perhaps in a tutorial fashion!

Sewing Box
I got gifted a beautiful old style sewing box some time ago by the absolutely lovely Connie. It was actually a godsend, because before this my sewing bits were all crammed into a Roses tin left over from Christmas, and it was getting really annoying, and really messy.

It was being used as an art box for some time, and there was a couple of bits and bobs inside too!

I parked myself in front of Stephens (gorgeous!) house, and began the small task of cleaning it up ready for my sewing bits. I can’t lie, I was extremely excited at the thought of having all my sewing stuff neatly organised, and in such a special / beautiful box.
What’s strange is that I had been looking for one of these boxes for some time, and I had even looked on Ebay but couldn’t find one in the colour wood I wanted, or with a reasonable rate for shipping to Ireland. There were also all sorts of warnings about may be damaged on arrival, which didn’t exactly have me eager to purchase.

As I was up at Stephens when I received this beaut, I didn’t have all of my sewing stuff with me; I packed it up with the contents of my Roses tin, and was absolutely thrilled! My sewing notions and supplies has expanded vastly since the dawn of this box’s arrival into my life! It is now filled with a tray of buttons, one of embroidery threads, one of sewing thread, lots of beads and needles and brooch pins and all sorts of other fabulous. I will have to get a recent picture of it to show you all. I can’t stress enough how much of a difference this box has made to my sewing – it’s so so so handy having everything in the one place! So, thanks again Connie 🙂 ❤

My initial filling of the box:


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