Fine Macrame Jewellery by PDalton @ Etsy

I was doing my regular Etsy browsing and came across the beautiful Macrame jewellery of craftsman PDalton. Each piece is beautiful, with a few shining above the rest for my personal taste, but each one undoubtedly having a lot of time and love poured into them.

So, yeah! I thought i’d show you some of his work here, and hopefully introduce you (or remind you) about the gorgeous world of Macrame.

Oof. Feckin beautiful, check it out.

This one is one of my absolute favourites…so beautiful. (I am trying so hard right now to remember that I am trying to curb my jewellery spending!!!!! :D)

You can visit PDaltons shop here and see more of his beautiful work! I’d also recommend you look into Macrame as a craft, it is gorgeous and deliciously sturdy, and all you need is various strings and stones if you like!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you are all well đŸ™‚


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