Hail to the Thief

I generally absolutely love Radioheads cover artwork and merch ideas. The Hail to the Thief poster in particular really appeals to me. I baught a large poster of it at a Radiohead concert back in 2003, and have looked at it many times since as it has graced my various walls.

The collection of words becomes so powerful over and over again, in so many ways as your eyes just drift around it joining up words and making new phrases and ideas to think about. “Yorke said his songwriting on the album had been much affected by current events, but he denied having a strictly political intent.” I tend to think otherwise with Radiohead, and I think this poster sums it up very well. Their artwork has provided us with a list of words and we are made do the work to make the meaning. What I enjoy most about Radiohead is that they are very intelligent musicians, in the sense that they use the medium of music to deliver their message, in their way. They have a nice subtle way of delivering huge messages. No one can ever be too sure what they are talking about, and it is why I feel they are so popular – everyone makes them the lyrics and ideas behind them their own in the privacy of their minds.


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