Frankenstein Chocolate Cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook. Lemon Bun recipe -the zest +vanilla, with Chocolate Icing on top!

The Hummingbird Bakery book is quick fast becoming a staple book of mine. Decided to bake again yesterday, and made two batches of these feckin’ beauts! (Total of 24!) I used their lemon bun recipe, but left out the lemon zest and instead added some vanilla essence to see how it would go! Thanks to the addition of my new handmixer, they are the lightest spongiest buns i’ve made yet and the icing really was delicious! I used their chocolate icing recipe as is, and will definetly be using it again! How can one book have so much awesome?

For piping the icing onto the buns I used these sweet disposable icing bags I got in Avoca about a year ago. They are great and you can throw them out straight after, making them more hygenic and less messy than the ones you have to wash out thouroughly after each use. My second batch of icing got a bit too runny for my liking, and it didn’t hold it’s shape once piped – i’m putting that down to the couple of millilitres of milk that got added by accident 😦 I’ll remember that for next time anyway!

Oh and p.s. Just to explain here i’m not a cake monster – and I made 24 buns because I found out two days ago it was the lovely boyfriends Mother’s birthday and he didn’t feckin’ tell me until a week later! So I wrapped up one batch of them; hopefully well enough that they can withstand a 3 hour train journey up north, in a makeshift cake box carried by my lovely fella’ up north- candle in tow n’ all. Wish I had of known earlier because I could have rustled something a bit better up! But sure, will soon find out if they made it one piece! Cross your fingers for me 🙂

Happy Birthday Eleanor! ❤

Update: 23rd February 2013

I have not baked from this book in quite some time – there is honestly a proposterous amount of sugar and butter in the recipes. For example the brownie recipe has over a KG of chocolate. Yep. The recipes in this book are fine for an occasional bake, but I was doing it far too often and not realising the sheer mass of sugar and fat. This book is currently up north on holidays. I will keep this for very, very special occasions.


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