Joanne Harris

I read the book ‘Chocolat’ some months ago, and quite frankly absolutely loved it. The story was great, well intertwined, and it was my only “Unputdownable” experience thus far i’ve had with a novel. (Other than Enid Blytons the Secret Island but shhh). (No here fuck saying shhh that book is actually amazing! If only eh! Grab the boat wha!)

This book comes highly recommended from Vici…but as for the film, oh feckin’ dear. It is undeniably beautifully shot and the colouring / treatment to the whole thing is very nice – I love how strong the colour red comes through in the movie against the dull, grey and blue tones they’ve used – so visually it is ok. However, compared to the book it doesn’t even come close to the original story- it is lacking so much that makes the book so good that I just couldn’t watch it without thinking “what the feck have they done!” I wonder what Joanne Harris thought of the movie, and what they did with their story… ?

It’s books like this that back up my regular thought that modern films really are shit, and are always just scratching the surface of what would make it awesome.

Just as a disclaimer, i’d like to say that you should be sure to have some good quality chocolates nearby when reading the book because there are some rather lavish descriptions 😉 I found Butlers Hot Chocolate melting pots and Leondais did the trick ;0 😉 …..Ahem. And also if I know you i’d love to lend you the book so just ask.

Anyway! Picked up this book today, and am looking forward to giving it a read. I have good faith in Joanne as a writer, I just hope this novel wasn’t rushed to quickly follow up the success of Chocolat! I’m not even sure if it came before or after, and whether this is a newly designed dust cover to sell more copies for her – but how and ever – Time will tell! I will hpefully be able to get it read before going back to the dreaded college in 16 days! So much to do… but i’m not going to get stressed….. I will not get stressed 🙂


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