Colour Soup

As blogged about last week, I am trying to get my surroundings into some kind of order! As Wedge pointed out, i’ve been trying to do this for 7 years, but fuckit – this time it’s actually proper happening. I will leave no stone unturned! YA HEAR??!! 😀

With the success of the flea market last week, i’ve geared myself up for redecorating my studio bedroom and just know I am going to be very pleased with the results. The manky terracota coloured striped wallpaper has come DOWN and I can’t actually explain how happy I was to see the back of it…literally!!! I am currently sitting on the floor surrounded by little scraps of wallpaper…. it isn’t quite as bad as this anymore, but all the same it’s pretty bad…!!!

One of those crappy annoying insurance claim adverts just came to mind looking at how unsturdy that chair is… “I was made strip wallpaper and wasn’t given the right tools, i fell and smashed my face open and lost my nose, bent my eyelashes and tore a ligament in my and eyebrows. I got £2,000”. Love you Stephen, lol!!! ^__^ 😀

So yeah, we youtubed, googled and asked around and found out that if you mix some fabric softner with hot water in a spray bottle – spray liberally, and get at it with a scraper – it comes away easily enough! Woop woop!

It is still a work in progress, and myself and the lovely Stephen have made a great go at it! It will hopefully be skimmed and repainted within a week, and my trip to organise town will be well under way! I can’t wait to fill up my new Ikea drawers with all of my handmade stuff…I won’t go into it again..but I think I am ridiculously excited about that in particular.

Another big annoyance in my disorganised mess was my Hama beads. They were tidy for a while, but as packets got tipped over and orders came in it just got a bit much and I ended up with a shoe box full of bags that were half full (not half empty 😉 ..only some times wha) .. and loads of loose beads. I took the time to organise them yesterday into baggies – waiting for the new plastic divider houses which I will hopefully picking up as part of my organise-fest! Woop woop! It will make it so much easier now and am delighted with that.

This is a picture of the box (below) after i’d bagged up about 8 different colours – and filled about 6/7 small baggies to the brim! So add about another 4,000 beads into this and you’ll have some idea of what I was looking at! Then pile in about 15 bags of crinkly hama bags, some peg boards, a spilled box of metal paperclips and some thumbtacks … maybe sprinkle with some half finished / broken projects..and voila! You will have in your imagine face a picture of what it was!

They were so excited at the prospect of being organised that they actually parted themselves to form a heart to thank me! True story.

I love you hama, thank you for spending your time with me \o/ 😀


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