Photo Sensitive

I love images. Simple fact. An imagine is something that someone decided to capture for some reason, whether it be conscious or not. How an image got to be where it is enriches the whole experience, and I find myself constantly reading into this side of it almost as much as the image itself.

I’ve been browsing my laptop the last few days. I’ve been trying to scope out what needs rid of in order to get it back in tip top shape for return to college. It is absolutely stuffed with saved images of things I like. I really do mean stuffed. I’m guesstimating a couple of thousand. To be quite honest I am not too sure what to do with them all. They are pointless on a disc, though this would mean one day I would have the pleasure of ‘rediscovering’ them all. So I’ve started to think that these images, the things I feel compelled to save, are what I should be blogging about. I could construct an active archive for myself, instead of clogging up my computer arteries with pixelbutter and what nuts.

So this is my first attempt at collating some of these images into a tangible mind stream within my own face, their groupings have significance to me, perhaps maybe to some others but that is not the point. As long as some new thoughts are formed that’s all i’m after!

So here goes nothing 🙂 Oh and i’d also just like to point out, I will remember some of the sources, but hundreds I never documented stupidly. So if you see anything here that’s yours (as it will include artwork, images of tattoos, and the likes), please get in touch and I would be more than happy to credit your image / work. (Or remove it if you so wish!) Just to reiterate – the images below are NOT mine! I merely admire them greatly and saw something lovely in them!


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