Interiors <3

I have a sick obsession with saving photos, as I have already shared… here are some of interiors that interested me. You know like, just incase you win the lotto and want to build me my dream house. πŸ˜‰ BE WARNED! THIS IS A DISGUSTINGLY IMAGE HEAVY POST! If you have a low immunity browser / connection I apologise in advance….

I’m a sucker for pattern…this floor is pure beauty!!! Don’t think I could handle it on the walls though, to be quite honest!

I love the use of the tin buckets for seats, nice way of getting some type and recycling in!

I’m a sucker for matchboxes for some reason. I love this little display! Recently baught 100 boxes to have a mess around with…I think

this image has definetly inspired me to try something like this now! If only I could find the time..

That framed illustration is absolutely. feckin. gorgeous. So so lovely. ❀ And I’ve always loved that pistachio kind of colour on walls with the black frame / white artwork / cutesy stuff…. I’m taking mental notes here for decorating my dream future house out loud sorry lol

I love this method of picture hanging! Not sure i’d want three of him on my wall though πŸ˜‰

Typographics, handdrawn, textiles, cut out templates for construction AND???!!! French? Gimme that!!!

I love interesting handles on presses! This picture is beautiful, I especially love the handles at the top of the image…Β  The tourqouise one top left in particular! Beautiful! I think a mix would be nice though πŸ™‚

Ok I know I know it’s not really interiors but it’s a beautiful illustration and sure, fuckit, why not eh? Bitch love print, bitch love stationery and a bitch love interiors. Hells yes. Toot toot!

I don’t think I need to point out how cool these are.

John Seymour would have a smile seeing the lady stitch this listening to her iPod me thinks!

❀ Love it

This room is a bit bland imo and I would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee to inject some colour into it. It’s just screaming out for accessories like the rug pictured below and some garlands and cute illustrations and ornaments and what not! THEN I would absolutely love it πŸ™‚ It’s potential made me save it I think, and the beautiful afghan blanket on the bed.

I absolutely LOVE this. Love love love it. Gonna have to get out the embroidery needles.

I’m not sure what I think of this one. It’s kind of overdone, in my opinion, but I love how theres a little wall, and the bookshelves in the distance.

I also like the pattern that the floor is layed in, it reminds me of these prints I love (And low and behold saved to my computer!)

What is it with me and pattern…ahhhh

Absolutely love this! What a fantastic idea for signage…. absolutely love it.

Slate fireplace ❀ Beautiful. Liking the look of that sofa too! Couple of cushions on there n a funky rug and awesome lamp, some artwork here n there n yer laughin wha!…Not to mention reams and reams of books on some kind of awesome shelving system but yeah!!


Gorgeous light..

I would need this at the rate I am aquiring books..

Love it. Don’t think it would work too well trying to make it to bed hammered though! *Smashing noises*

Stained glass & Fibonacci???? Fuck yes!!

For days off, ya know πŸ˜‰

Love cave! Bland as anything but obviously with a bit of funkifying it would be the most cosy thing ever! The term “bedwomb!” comes to mind!

I usually try to avoid Ikea but this is a beaut in my opinion! It could do with a bit more character and warming up in my opinion, but it’s definetly a good start!

Fabulous! Probably cheaper than some of the flooring i’ve seen on the market too!

Love this. Think I remember reading the blog it was on and she said the only problem was that the slides were beginning to fade because they

were in constant sunlight. It’s a real pity…I really really do love this! Such a great use of space and object. Perfect.

I’m a sucker for crocheted blankets, and i’m also a sucker for bright interiors. Ehhhhhhh oh and did I mention his mask is absolutely awesome too? Yeah. Awesome.

Charles & Ray Eames, I love you so. Maybe some day I will own some of your furniture and fabrics! I will have to start though by just reading about you and watching videos online 😦 ❀ Someday !! I promise!

I should probably leave it there, as I don’t want to take down the internet with my disgustingly heavy image based posts. I do have about 100 more interiors pictures that I could add though… I guess I will split this post into two parts! I’ve loads more image based posts to go! I also need to get into a habit of tagging these posts and categorizing or I will have a nightmare on my hands in a few years!!!

Well anywho, hope you enjoyed the images! Let me know what ya think! If you see anything that reminds you of these images I will no doubt like it so don’t be shy and share some links! ❀ Ruffles all!


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