Cookbook Madness

I’ve been thinking lately that I need to do some baking again, and low and behold guess what happens?
Stephen arrives down with a belated birthday present from his sister for me and …. it’s the Hello Cupcake! book!

If that isn’t strange enough, the day after i’m looking through it, eyeing up the panda bear ones. They are super cute and one of the less crazy-ingredients looking ideas out of the tonnes that are in the book! So yeah, i’m figuring out what I need in order to make them, when my mum asks me is there any post this morning. I go out and check…and there’s a package for me.
I recognise the writing instantly as Sean’s. (Wow I don’t think i’ve ever called him Sean… other than pisstake!..but anywho!) I open it up, not having a clue what it is – well it is obviously book shaped – but this….this is just weird!!! It’s a recipe book from the Hummingbird Bakery! Full of amazing recipes for all sorts of cakes and treats. What the feck is going on? Going from only having a cup cake recipe written down in a notebook, and a soda bread recipe or two – to now owning two baking books in a matter of 24 hours! FANFRICKINTASTIC, that’s what I say!

The Hello Cupcake book features ideas on how to decorate cupcakes more so then recipes for them. Some of them are so feckin cute but my I could feel my teeth cowering into corners at the mere thought of biting into one! Regardless, there are definetly some ideas in it that I would love to make…I just need to find some people who would willingly eat lots and lots of cake lol….any takers? There is one idea in particular which I adore, and I can’t find any photos of it online strangely enough. This picture is another one of the ideas that really stood out for me, I think it’s so cute! Hopefully will be making these at some stage (maybe near to a time when I feel I have the patience to complete them properly and can offload half a batch on someone!) Laura i’m looking at you! 😀

Without the presence of items such as starburst, tootsie rolls and vats of premade icing, and my baking fingers itching to get started – I cracked into the Hummingbird Bakery Recipe book, and holy crapola I can’t recommend it enough. Every single recipe in it looks and sounds amazing. It is straight forward, simple, no gimmicks or crazy stuff – it’s all doable, with pretty much standard baking equipment. I have already made the Peanut Butter Cookies from it, and have just finished making and tasting the Banana Loaf. The smell in the house when the Banana Loaf was cooking was incredible! My my… and it tastes just as good! As well as that, it was simple and looks just like the picture! And they are a successful cafe in London central. Fabulouso! I seriously would recommend this book to anyone… I can see it being one that will see me right through and I have a feeling the recipes in it are going to be made and remade hundreds of times.

Absolutely delicious, seriously. I might try adding some Walnuts for a bit of variety!
And I genuinely mean it when I say, I can’t wait to make their carrot cake. How sad is that! It just looks…quite simply….. amazing.

This is an image of it taken from their website. It unfortunately doesn’t show the insides of it, which it does in the book – and it is actual droolworthy material.

I can’t believe I went from having no baking books, wanting to bake, and then having two within 24 hours of each other! Weird stuff like this keeps happening to me, and it’s mega awesome. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes from Hello Cupcake, maybe for a birthday or some kind of occasion! It’s Jonnys birthday tomorrow but I might have left it a bit late to source some of the stuff. I dunno, I will have a look.

Anyway! BakeLovely folks!

Hummingbird Bakery : Website
To Buy the Hummingbird Bakery book : Try amazon!

Hello Cupcake : Website
To Buy the Hello Cupcake book : Try Amazon aswell!

Thank you Laura and Sean 🙂 ❤ ❤ Toot toot!


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