My Inspired Up-Up-Turn-Slow Paper Garland

I have been struck by a triangle fever.

It started with my zipper case printing.
available here.

Then it led to looking up bunting on and admiring it so much….
Bunting from Etsy.

Bunting is super popular right now, and it can be seen sold for ridiculous prices. In theory it is very easy to make, and seeing as I just got a new sewing machine (I love you Sarah Verso), I was inspired to celebrate by making my own.

I didn’t get all the pieces cut in one sitting, so they were sitting out on my work table for a few days just staring at me, kind of mumbling stuff at me… I think one of them called me a bitch (salvaged fabric from a gorgeous drawstring bag that I kind of loved, alot)… but yes, then…. THEN!!!! I was browsing through my folders of saved images… and it didn’t matter that I hadn’t finished them because it made so much sense now ……mmmmmmmm, my first project on the machine was to be this!

This is an image taken from the blog of Sarah Neuburger, who to be quite frank, I am in love with and want to marry :D. ‘The Small Object’ website has a blog which is called the Steno Pad, and which regularly features posts being all like “Hey check out what I made” to which i’m like :-O. /Drool. But anyway….this imaged reminded me of it all…. the beautifully triangulated colours…… mmmm, it all seemed so perfect, funky bunting of ‘funting’ as i’m now renaming it, was on my agenda quick fast and to be quite honest, I needed it. I had paper. I had a machine. I like cutting and I feckin love triangles. Yes.

I made a cardboard template, and cut around it a couple of hundred times. I still have a stack of triangles to be used and am planning on making more of these because they are simply, beautiful.

I did of course have some fun with laying the triangles out before I started sewing! Perhaps I am very easily amused, but I love doing this kind of thing..

Ahhhh Triangles I love you!
So here are some images of my results. Simple simple simple; cut out some triangles from paper and run them through the machine! I feel this way of doing it is much less time consuming than the Sarah Neuburger version using fabric, but obviously using paper instead of fabric, the finished item offers some different qualities and reacts differently than fabric would due to that marvellous thing called physics.

I absolutely love them made of papercard because they are so light they sway, twirl and generally just relax anything in a 10 mile distance that looks at them! Especially beautiful in the morning. So check it out, here are a couple of pictures my paper garlands!

Next I am going to try these with some silver and metallic papers as they turn slowly and beautifully with the breeze. They would catch the light beautifully! I really must try and get a video of these, they are so so relaxing, they are so beautiful to me and cost pretty much nothing to make, but took some time to cut. They are making me dream of window displays for my imaginary craft shop or studio. They totally need to go to the windows and date some chalk markers and handwoven triangle pattern rugs. (If I can ever get round to trying weaving again!).

Thank you Sarah of the Small Object for inspiring this project! I have made it my own, and I love what you do!
Happy crafting folks!


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