The Oktomat is a camera made by Lomo. Lomography, as a verb, is often seen to be casual, snapshot photography taken with the expensive-for-what-they-are-but-still-worth-it-because-they-are-awesome types of camera on offer. The photos tend to result in common characteristics such as over-saturated colors, off-kilter exposure, blurring, overlaying of images, edge burn from the sun leaking through the back plastic cover and generally just “happy accidents”. Alternative film processing also seems to come into play with Lomography and many results of this can be seen and enjoyed on Flickr.com

I am writing here about the Oktomat camera, from Lomo.

I’ve been pretty much obsessed with the idea of getting a Diana F+ and all the kit that goes with it for the last couple of months, but I can’t make up my mind because I think I want the Actionsampler, and Fisheye 2 and to mess around with the coloursplash flash the most! But one of the cameras that was an instant yes yes yes was the Oktomat. And guess what. I got my hands on one! YES!!! I posted up on Facebook and the lovely Michael offered to post me his one for a while so I could try it out. And that I did! I fell in love with it instantly, and got my first roll of film developed in the last couple of days.

The results were……..patchy, but very interesting. The film seemed to not wind properly or something, as there are many overlays and any detail just simply doesn’t exist. There are 4 photos from a roll of 36 that I would consider ‘amazing’, and the rest are very red in places…… and are overlayed alot…………..and spliced in the wrong places from the film! I am no expert so I haven’t even the beginning of an idea of why this is happening!

I am definetly going to experiment with the Oktomat a lot more, I will definetly be getting my own, however in reading up about the results I got with this film, it seems that alot of people have had a lot of trouble with the Oktomat and declare it as being “crappy piece of plastic”, which essentially it is.. but it’s a lovely piece of plastic that can be so awesome; so perhaps I will read up a little bit more on how to pimp it as a camera and make sure I get good results every time!

I have uploaded the Oktomat pictures to Flickr if you would like to have a look through them all. You can get to my Flickr page by clicking on any of the photographs to the right hand side of this page!

Happy Snapping folks! And i’d recommend that you get some photos printed, it really is lovely after being digital for so long!


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