Festival of World Cultures

The city comes alive this coming weekend as South Dublin, Ireland is visited by many artists from all over the world. Thousands and thousands of people from both home and abroad come out to take part in a massive celebration of world culture, the human spirit and the power of sharing. Life truly is beautiful at the festival of world cultures, and I would like to pay homage to this beauty here via the medium of a blog post! I strongly urge you go to the festival if you in any way can as with most things, it is something that has to be experienced in person!

A view of Dun Laoghaire on a normal day

“Since its creation in 2000, the dlr Festival of World Cultures has become
Ireland’s largest intercultural celebration and one of the best music and
arts festivals internationally, attracting over 250,000 visitors annually to
the 160 events that take place throughout Dún Laoghaire.”*

It started small, back in 2000. I remember hearing about it every year, visiting it and browsing the markets, being fascinated by the whole thing and being inspired by seeing so many people following a passion for celebrating culture. I distinctly remember bands such as Amparanoia, who sounded fresh to me when I was about 17, who I never would have heard of otherwise. It was beautiful – hundreds of people from all over the world gathered together in the sun, dancing on the seafront with Sandycove in the background. I remember hearing more and more about the festival each year, and watched the posters and programmes get better. Then there were tshirts, then bigger markets, more acts, more workshops… The organisers stuck with and it with support of local acts such as Sinead O Connor, (who did a surprise appearance last year), along with a huge injection of talent from other less known local bands and dj’s, the festival represents Ireland beautifully as well as inviting the rest of the world to come and collaborate in creation.

It is so hard to capture the essence of a festival in a blog post, so I would like to direct your attention to this lovely video I found on vimeo that someone has put together from footage they took at the festival. Beautiful beautiful video, says so much more than any words.

Diversity Celebration. from SpinEurope on Vimeo.

One of the notable things for me at the festival is the cross pollination of cultures which takes place; Irish musicians sharing stages with African, Brazillian, Chinese, Mexican and Japanese musicians… (to name but a cross section of what goes on.) Not only that, but there are markets containing goods and foods from all over the world, which I unfortunately can’t find any decent pictures of.

This festival for me is a prime example of what can be achieved when there is a grand vision shared amongst many and there is actually something done about it.

If you are not from Dublin, you may be unaware of this festival. I strongly suggest you check it out and I promise you it’s worth travelling to. Every year it’s getting better and better and I can’t wait to check it out this time round. So come on down- check out the programme on the website, and have yourself a lovely weekend.

There really is too much to discuss here, you just need to browse the website and see for yourself how much is on offer!
Official Website


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