Forfey Festival

I think my days of camping at festivals might just about be over, however I am beginning to feel tempted again with the likes of festivals like this popping up around the country.

So here I am delighted to introduce to you the…….*anticipation noises* Forfey Festival!, which is a small scale weekend camping (Day tickets also available) Music & Arts festival. It takes place from the 6-8th August and it is held at Forfey Farm in County Fermanagh.

The thing which appealed to me most about this festival is the sheer dedication, determination and amount of people power that has enabled it to go ahead. Since it was brought to my attention late last night I have looked into the festival and have seen what can only been described as a collective of people working together for something much much bigger than money. Forfey to me is a festival which seems to create culture instead of consuming it, which is so important these days where everything we see is scrounging for our dirty dollar. The tickets to Forfey are a mere £35 for weekend camping, which is a big fuck you to the likes of Oxegen. They can keep their sell outs, i’ll stick with new innovative music….. ktnxhaiforfeyhai.

The format which the Forfey festival aspires to is one of music and art, which should be the basis for all aspiring festivals. If you watch this documentary you can see that the festival boasts art installations, exhibitions and curated spaces as well as the expected music acts which range from small unknowns to those who are steadily gaining a large fanbase. The grassroots nature of the festival really appeals to me as unsigned groups as well as one who are fast gaining momentum, can be experienced in such an inspiring atmosphere. If this documentary on last years event is anything to go by, it looks sure set to be an amazing weekend.

One of the bands who are playing this year is the The Cast of Cheers who’s debut album ‘Chariot’ is absolutely one of my faves of 2010. No doubt about it.

Hailing from Dublin they have literally taken my MP3 player by storm and are some kick ass musicians for cycling to. (This reminds me that I will have to get a picture of my sweet little bicycle!) If you would like to get a taster for their music, or just want something new to listen to, their album has been released for free digital download and you can get it here. YES ITS TOTALLY FREE!

Nialler9’s music blog has described the album as “a fully-formed 33-minute blast of post-punk, looping post-rock”. FACT! He describes the songs as “tightly-wound”, and notes that there are echoes of bands like Battles, Foals and Death From Above 1979. Every time I listen I can’t get over how unbelievably tight they are and I am aware how each song develops and rocks your fucking socks off, not getting repetitive like some other bands [especially bands of this age group] can and do. To see The Cast of Cheers over a weekend of lovely at the Forfey festival alone would be worth the £35, but it thankfully has so much more to offer than just one band…

If you are interested in the festival, to get you started, other than the Cast of Cheers, here are some of the bands to play this year and links to their myspace pages where you can check out what they do! Now be sure to close your eyes whilst listening and imagine them playing it to you on the Forfey farm….:
Adebisi Shank from Wexford (HEART!)
Clown Parlour
Bad Operator (Dubstep)

This years line up also boasts Workshops. There is an Illustration workshop, Embellishment workshops and there also appears to be small talks about veering towards a self-sufficient lifestyle. That hits my nail on the head for sure sure. So we have a small scale, DIY festival, based in Ireland which isn’t a total rip off; it’s incentive is not money and it has a stimulating programme of refreshing acts and workshops, with art and lovely scattered throughout. At only £35 can you go wrong?

For the full programme of music & art that will be gracing the fest, check out the website here. Pretty Peacocks. Ooh.

I am going to try my damndest to get to this festival to experience it for myself- it might be a bit of a ‘trek’ with Stephens car being kaput, however it seems like one not to be missed. Regardless of whether I get to it or not, I wish everyone taking part all the best of luck and all the expansion they wish for in the coming years! More of that, I say!

Perhaps you would like to further whet your appetite about the Forfey festival? I found some savage pics of the event on Flickr which are well worth a breeze through.

If you know of any other kick ass small festivals taking place across Ireland please get in touch and I will do one of my mini scatter brain features! I am happy to spread the word when it’s something I truly do think is worth while. If you have pictures to go with, even better! [at]

Now……….. how does one poach an egg? *Google Noises*


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