Ohh Yes

Last week Dublin celebrated in style with the World Street Performance Championships. It was held in town and was a free event. I didn’t get to take too many pictures unfortunately because I was enjoying l’atmosphere, however I did get to snap this shot to the right which I quite like! It was such a gorgeous day. I didn’t get to see all too much of the eh, street performers…. due to some..eh…..technical problems……………(we went for pints, basically).:D

Anyway the reason I am making this post is because when we were on the way for pints, Ste or Scott pointed out this little faux sunflower nailed to a tree. Cue camera noises..

I am therefore taking this opportunity to deliver a homage to beautiful Sunflowers. They represent so much, and have become a symbol to me that represents an international movement to do something lovely in the public domain.

If you are not aware, May 1st of every year is international Guerilla Gardening sun flower seed day!, where people who decide to take part go out and sew sunflower seeds in their locality to brighten the place up. All you need is a sunny spot, a little stick (or your finger!), a pack of sun flower seeds and some water. Then it is presumed you will check back every so often and see how it’s doing, and if it needs some water! I personally think May is a bit early for our tempremental and frosty Irish weather but how and ever, I planted seeds, and have been growing Sun flowers myself the last few weeks.

They are coming along amazing, they are getting so tall **pinches their cheeks*, and have come on leaps and bounds in the last week in particular. I will have to get a picture of them all in a row, they are so cute.

The mini faux sunflowers tacked to the tree is a symbol of one person doing something random and lovely, the international sunflower seed day is a symbol for an international level – and me planting them in my garden is a more personal level, but I just wanted to point out that people are doing things like this in YOUR public domain, making it prettier for all of us, whether you notice it or not. It’s a gesture of ultimate care in my opinion as it’s people trying to reclaim the concrete jungle, to put a splash of colour in the prodominently grey landscapes where the only colour we see that belongs to the actual environment (i.e, not foot traffic) may be on a shop front or a bus stop….or on some designed litter for a long forgotten McDonalds burger..

I always just wonder, if every single person did one small thing like tack this tiny flower to a tree – can you imagine what going out for a walk would be like? I think I might just go buy some jumbo pavement chalks..


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