The Art of Correspondence

I took a fit of letter writing there about 3 weeks ago. I wrote a letter and packaged up parcels, and sent something to someone every day for about 2 weeks. Stephen was the recipient of most – but there were a few other unsuspecting readers/recipients! I ordered some packets of stick on moustaches and sent those to a couple of people as gifts. I think they went down an absolute treat… I will see 🙂 So yeah! Letter writing! Kick ass. There’s just something so lovely about it. Sending real things to people in the post…. It’s like time travel for selected objects. It’s a lovely, slow, pleasing process in the highly paced world we live in. Writing with your hands and a pen is also a very pleasing thing to do; typing, you’re hot n all but like c’mon, writings got class and style. Beeotch.

I sacrified the only 2 packets of gnome stickers I had left in order to decorate letters. Lol.

They are just so feckin sweet he makes me smile every time. I am going to have to make more packs of these and get them relisted in the MakeLovely etsy shop!. I frickin love Gnomes. 😀

Ah look at him there now…it’s he just lovely…. … ya so would, wouldn’t ya?? ……. Ah ya would yeah…. Awww look!!!!

What a stud!!

No Gnome embellished package is complete without hearts….. Nuh uh!! So I included on these packages some of my hand carved and hand printed love heart stickers. I loved printing those guys up and have just recently completely used up all of them. OH NOES. I will have to get the oul glass sheet and roller out soon and fire out a few more rounds for sure. Pew pew! Pew pew!! I am glad I got some pictures of those being printed up because I remember it was the day I decided to get busy crafting, and I have been busy crafting since. Self pacts RULE!

So yeah, when the stickers ran out I decided to use up some of the things in my folder of cut out stuff. I collect CMYK colour charts from packaging. Yeah. You heard me. :/ Lol. So I thought i’d lob one of those on here and a bitta stitchin there….

It’s not fabulous by a long shot, but it sure beats a plain envelope! This was letter 4 I think of about 6 I sent to Stephen! Rocking. Stitching paper is fabulous… Watch this space ;)…Washthisface….wash this plaice………………um.. yeah 🙂

Sound 🙂


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