Spears Vintage Weaving Loom Size 4

It is hard to know how to approach writing these blog entries when I have so much to catch up on… I am jumping from recent to not so recent… but hey, Fuckit, right??!!! 😀 Yeow. I’m happy to be getting anything down in here at all regardless of chronological order and carbon 14 dating of thoughts and all that shite. The mere process of putting together a blog post is of great benefit to me and I can notice it instantly – it makes me more organised, and makes me a bit calm to see work i’ve done in a tangible, scrollable form. Order to mild chaos, perhaps. And when I say mild I mean moderate, and when I say moderate I actually amn’t sure what I mean because things actually aren’t actually that chaotic at all….so let’s just scrap that yeah. Awesome.

An up side I would mention about blogging is that when I am working on projects, I consciously try to take more photographs of my work. This can only have benefits… In my…let’s call it ‘Hiatus’ there where there was no updates for months, I ended up taking a fancy to Flickr. I uploaded a fair few pictures that showed some of my work – and I am so glad I did because once I started doing it I made sure to take more pictures of anything else I made from then on – and it just strikes me as a really good habit to get into. I look forward to the day where I make something, get it photographed beautifully on that very day and file away the images neatly so I know where everything is…… Easily pleased, eh? 😀 … Hmm, I am going to have to get my own camera for sure…. *trailing off in the distance voice noises*…. Lol Hiya Stephen Hiya, Vici loves you!!!

Ok so the photo taking thing for projects is true in most cases, however when I finally recieved my ‘Spears’ vintage weaving loom, the camera was the last thing on my mind! Christmas came early this year (Well, my birthday came early this year…) thanks to the lovely Stephen… I was waiting a couple of weeks to recieve the Loom so when it eventually came I was…………GRABBY? 😀 GIMME GIMME GIMME YAY etc… 😀 .. Oh I love it so much.. I’ve been dyeing (bad dum tshh!) to weave for ages so this was like, a small life milestone right there!….. So if we can dim the lights and take our seats please…

Here she is, in all her vintage glory…all the way from England!!! my new Spears table top loom! Wooohoo !!!!!!

*crowd goes wild*

She is a size 4, and is over 30 years old! She’s lookin well I tell ya, not a day over 19! *wolf whistles*

I was looking for tutorials of how to prepare the loom for weaving and I couldn’t really find any straight forward demo’s of how to do it properly. I was a bit gutted but also got a little bit excited because I think this might be my opportunity to give back something to the wonderful marvellous overarching internet Lady of love who provides me with so much… I have decided that I will make a tutorial for using the loom sometime in the next couple of weeks. I am planning on starting another project on it soon so I will be sure to make it a step by step affair and hopefully it will help someone out! I enjoyed trying to figure it out myself, to be quite honest – and I learned a lot from doing it – however I did still read some things about it online and take from that a bit of ‘confidence making’ that I could actually do it – so hopefully my tutorial will serve the same purpose to someone else! Learn from someone elses mistakes, right?

I really think this is a great loom, and at the price you get it at and the age of it – it’s novelty value alone is awesome. The box cracked me up..

Bow chicka wow wow 😉

I am not sure the heddle I recieved is the original one, as I think I saw a mainly metal one in most tutorials; but I don’t mind as it works a treat and is the right length. No complaints.

I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures of the loom strung up (idiot, I know)… I grabbed whatever wool I had enough of to get started, and wove wove wove!

Yay! So there ya have it, my first loom project! The first of many! Watch this space.
Spears Weaving Looms are available on Ebay and you can get your hands on one for approximately £35 English pounds or about 40 euro! …………………….Happy Weaving 🙂

My textile obsession has literally run away with me, (cue Norah Jones sing along), so you can expect a lot more textile related posts in the future. I hope to experiment with a lot of different things and document the process. Perhaps this will turn into a craft blog instead of just the rantings of a lune-a-tic…tac…toe….. potatoe…pota-toes…..aww!!!!!


14 thoughts on “Spears Vintage Weaving Loom Size 4

  1. Did you ever put together the tutorial? My daughter just received this same loom and I’m hoping to help her get started. Thank you.

    1. Hello! THank you for stopping by and leaving a comment some time ago. I presume you have figured it out through some experimentation at this stage?
      If not, I haven’t put together the tutorial as of yet but have intentions to weave something in the next few weeks and would gladly snap a few shots.

    2. Hi there thank you for the comment!
      The tutorial has not yet happened. I wonder if you figured it out for your daughter since?
      I have issue in the warping stage and need helping hands. Hoping to find an easier way

      i have been working on some fabric yarn and have the idea to weave placemats or a rug with it, which i am hoping to get to sooner rather than later.

  2. I have a spears weaving loom no. 3, pieces are missing and I would like to know if you have a catalog or know where I can get peces for it.

    1. Hi Gisèle, merci pour votre comment (?!). Though i do not have the size 3 loom myself i should be able to help you figure out what is missing from the box. If you still have it and are interested to weave please feel free to snap a picture and email it to me. I could get bavk to you with what I know! Kindest,

  3. Hello. I have the same model of loom and am trying to figure out how to use it. I am going to be making some red silk twill fabric for a an embroidery project, but I cannot find anything showing me how to warp the loom to get ready to weave. Can you help out a beginner who seems to bite off more than they can chew…..


    1. This is where i had some issue too. I have tried again since but gave up and am due and eager to try again soon

      after kind comments on here i will look again on youtube and in other places as it sounds like more information is now available than previously.
      i will be sure to share when i get there


  4. Hi–Looking forward to your tutoria, I just got a table top #4 spear’s vintage loom but it had not booklet on how to warp it and on using the heddle in the middle (how to make it up or down). I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually but your tutorial will be a great asset. Good luck with it–Julia

    1. Hi Julia! A very (very!) late reply, my apologies. The heddle is manual on the Spears loom. You alternate in lifting and lowering it with each pass of the wrapped shuttle.
      hope this helps?

  5. I have a size 4 loom. I need to know how to use it for weaving.
    Please let me know where can I find some video lessons

    1. I just bought the #4 Loom at a thrift shop. It’s complete, still in the original box with the instructions. I only paid $9 for it & couldn’t wait to get it home to check it out. I find the instructions a bit limited. That’s why I came here hoping to get more info. Maybe by now you have learned how to use it but if not there is a web site for the Cricket weaving loom which is also a table top. The fellow on the web site takes you step by step from warping it to weaving & does a really great job. I think it will help you.

      1. Hi Brenda 🙂 thank you for your very considerate comment. Yay for you! what a fantastic thrift store find, and a great price too.
        I am still a bit hazy in how to set up this loom but i will consult the reference you mentioned when the time comes.

        just yesterday I was showing someone a photo of the scarf I wove and had a fond nostalgia for it fill me.

        there was a fiddly few bits in ky last set up that i am almost positive could be done more efficiently and with less huffing and puffing. I look forward to trying again now i have a set of placemats in mind for my next project or perhaps a rug!

        Do you have any ideas what you would like to weave on it yet?

        Nice to meet you

      2. Hi Vic, How nice to hear back from you. I haven’t set the loom up yet but plan to pretty quick. I thought I would try a scarf first as it’s pretty straight forward. I’ve been looking all over the web for anything I can find to give me basics on how to create different designs before I start so I have a bit of an idea of what I am doing. (Hopefully). One place I found really great was on YouTube. I had done a search on “How to use the Cricket Weaving Loom” & found an article in the list that was on YouTube. When I went to it I found another article called “Simple warping for a Rigid Heddle Loom” in the choices on the right hand side on the screen. This woman shows both the warping & the weaving using different colors. Because I haven’t set my Spears up yet I don’t know if there’s any difference between it & the one she was using. (It looked like a Cricket) but she did such a great job explaining & showing that I think it has to be very helpful to adapt to the Spears. She’s really good. If you have a chance, have a look at it too. There a many other choices to look at as well right there. It would be nice to keep in touch with you to see how we are both progressing. I don’t know if my email address showed up here on this message but if not here it is. brendaclough@rogers.com. I’m on Facebook too with Penquins as my profile picture. I’m from Blackfalds,Alberta, Canada. So if you feel like checking in with me sometime I would love to hear from you.  Brenda.

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