I am hoping to buy a domain and set up a random drawing comic book style thing in the coming months. Something in the vein of Natalie Dee, but more…. lessish? Hah… I literally have a constant stream of these doodles coming out of me and figure I need somewhere to put them. It would be nice to see them chronologically ordered and have them all in one place! …I wonder what the best method of doing this would be – Perhaps a blog type set up and post one a day or something?

**passage of time noises**

My 4 second version

These were drawn while we were having a lecture about Jim Fitzpatrick, the infamous Irish artist who is said to have made the iconic image of Che Guevara which is so often seen today on tshirts.

If you know of any good web comics, drop me a link in the comments! I love seeing new things! 🙂 Awesomeo!……………….awesomeo……… where for art though awesomeo?????


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