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In a previous post I mentioned wanting to open an Etsy shop, and I finally got around to it!

Shop Banner

My shop is called MakeLovely and it has been open a couple of months. It needs an update for sure, as the same products have been up for some time now! I feel like that is ‘Phase 1’ of the shop – and that the next lot of items are much better.. so I am excited to see how this unfolds in the next few weeks. I have a couple of new things made, and ideas for further items, they are just waiting to be photographed and talked about! I will get there sometime this week! I will aim to have 3 new items listed by the end of tomorrow! FACT! So watch this space!….


One of my favourite items in the shop is the zipper cases i’ve been making. I just love fabrics, sewing and anything textile. I also seem to get really really lucky when it comes to fabric purchasing, and things that are sewing related. I think it’s fate that I work with cloth… Absolutely… the thought of it even makes my blueberry pulse (????)

I would like to keep on upcycling as I get great pleasure from it, and it feels like no matter what you can’t fail, because the item was “junk” to start with; that it was destined for the rubbish heap and you saved it. It is even more thrilling when the results are functional and pleasing to the eye. I was particularly thrilled to use curtain fabric remnants in making some zipper pouches. The feel of it was amazingly high quality stuff, and when applied to a pencil case it all became a bit luxurious… Yum!

Upcycled Curtains Zipper Case

Pictured below is a zipper case I made from a vintage table place mat. It was a bit of an experiment but to my delight it turned out really well. It’s unusual, in my opinion, and I love how vintage it looks. The colour and pattern just screams not of this era.

Vintage Placemat Zipper Case

Here is another case I made out of a set of Hankerchiefs I picked up in a charity shop. I thought the embroidery was STUNNING and being wasted on hankerchiefs, so I wanted to do something about it and decided to immortalise them in a zipper pouch for all of eternity!

The upcycled hankerchief

I feel it is time to move into ‘Phase 2’ of crafting – and to get the products uploaded for others to see. My crafting has taken a turn and is becoming more what I want it to be so I am delighted with that and am looking forward to showing the world via etsy!

Oh ooh! I guess I should briefly mention that I ended up being involved in a craft fair a couple of months back! It took place in the Twisted Pepper club in Dublin city. It turned out to be a great night and the buzz of the whole thing was pretty awesome. It was my first experience selling my items in person and it was great to hear such good feedback from everyone! I was absolutely delighted.
I sold a good few things…. thankfully! I was working really hard in the couple of weeks or so running up to it and was crafting like a mad woman! I was generally making duplicates for sale and introducing mini products! I *love* most of the stuff I made and it was definetly an experience worth having, but I am definetly looking forward to moving on and making some new sticker sets, products nd doing new prints! I have learned a lot in these last few months, that’s for sure…

Heart Weaving Balls

I set up a little stall for the heart weaving balls as mentioned in a post previous! I thought it would be a cute idea, and I included a little photo album of chain link fences that have already been pimped with these bad boys! You can see I also had out some bowls of sweets beside my rotting tooth fridge magnet…oh irony.

Havin the chats!
A wider view of the stall set up. I had my illustrated wallpaper up in the background but that can’t really be seen in any of these images. I will have to take some shots of it for sure, I will do that soon!

Stay tuned, plenty plenty more to update on. There’s been tonnes going on. In short, I got a Gocco Printing system and I don’t think i’ve mentioned that on here before so that needs introducing….. I also got some other little toys (A loom!!!)….. ah I won’t even say any more I will wait to post with pictures and fingerwords πŸ™‚ God speed lovelytons! Hope you are all well, If you have any feedback on the etsy shop I would love to hear from you in the comments – or if you want to link me to something or just say hey please don’t be shy! πŸ™‚


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