MailLovely <3

Well it has certainly been a very very busy couple of months. I have a lot to write about but for the moment I am going to keep it very short and sweet.

Basically, I was using stumble upon earlier and came across a website called It is exactly what the url suggests, an open forum for you to write anything you want, anonymous to all readers unless you choose to sign up. Fab! A very interesting page to watch develop as well. There are thousands and thousands of pages you can look back upon too. So! Then i’m sitting there looking at it, and someone posts up with their email address asking people to send them a mail, a story, anything they would like – so I decided to go for it and said a simple hello! It turns out this woman has set up a wordpress blog of the same idea, publishing her email address in order to get strangers and random people to send her stories, ideas, quotes, poems, anything they desire. Love love love the idea. Tempted to do the same, but am wondering what the best way to go about doing it would be. Ideally I would love to do something with ACTUAL post, and set up a P.O.Box address – but a quick google just informed me that this is a very expensive thing to do. 😦 So, spread the word! Surprise penpals for president! Make Lovely, be kind to each other and lets see what happens next eh? Visit the blog here and be sure to send an email to the lovely lady!


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