Heart Weaving

Hearye’ hearye’, behold, my first woven heart! Go forth and make lovely!


Aw, so myself and Stephen went for a lovely walk the other morning (and stone collecting on the beach <3). Before I left i stuffed one of my hand wound balls of wool into my jacket pocket and forgot all about it until we were out and about. So, we took a detour on the way home, and I got my first heart weave done. It feels good after wanting to do it for so damn long let me tell ya. Guerilla heartlove MakeLovely packs are underway. Approx 10 made and packaged for Christmas, and about 50-100 more to come! Keep your eyes peeled as well lads, 2010 is gonna be a good one. I am currently itemising and organising shopping lists and researching craft fairs in Ireland. It is New Years Eve. Lol. If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right because I absolutely love it.

I will post pictures of the heart weaving packs when I have some more done 🙂
Godspeed lovelytons, godspeed. Everything should be lovely… Go tell it on the mountain.

P.s. loving the blackboard paint. 🙂


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