Initiate. *Robot Noises*

1. Get debit card organised.
2. Clean / re – organise goods in sitting room to be used in up coming project ideas.
3. Get sewing machine needles.
4. Charge battery for camera, clear off memory cards.
5. Get brushes and painting gear from shed.
6. Paint blackboard in my bedroom. Painted it in the Sitting Room / Slowly-Becoming-Studio.
7. Buy some chalk (found some that will do for the time being! yay!) and a duster. (might hold off on the duster for a while yet – I will see how it works with a cloth…)
8. Go to the shop in the village and get some dolly pegs.
9. Mindmap / Organisation on blackboard so when I wake up in the morning I will see it immediately and get cracking.
10. Tissue paper for garlands.
11. Fold + Cut awesome doily star iceicle shapes on Crafting Monday with Caitriona. (Small scale.)
12. Put card details into etsy and maybe list one product. (Ooh exciting!) Maybe I should hold off on this though, and focus on getting a shit lot of stuff made for an up and coming craft fair….(which I am yet to find?)

edit: additions to list! (5 hours after writing it) ;
13. Compile, gather and print updated inspiration for desk wall (Ongoing)
14. Take down the old stuff, and keep in mind some sort of new storage solution.
15. Roll more balls.
16. Sort out Flickr. Start uploading.
17. Start a group for the balls. (Sounds odd, I know. You will see.)
18. Recieve Gocco
19. Order cards
20. Go to town to eye up supplies
21. Blank card stock
22. Lino print
23. Research tileable images, sketch some.
24. Find a local xerox copier
25. Go to Lidl and ask nicely for their cardboard sturdy promotion display stand (Stephen you are needed here 🙂 hah, shit one :/)

So yeah this keeps getting added to but I think that is enough for now.
2010. The year of short term, achievable goals that will put me on my way.
I hope?


High five, anyone?

Remember to: Register a pro Flickr account, and look into domain hosting etc but I will leave this to rest for now. Ah gotta love the ‘note to selfs’, eh?


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