I love today.

Ok so it has definetly been a while since I have posted.
So much has happened, there has been so much done and so much researched. It is my new years resolution to post decent posts more frequently, for my own good. Things are gaining a seriously exciting amount of momentum on this side of things and I am beaming on the inside the last few days. I feel like one of those little wind up toys that has been wound up for the past 5 years and is about to be set down on an amazing super gigantic handcrafted trestle table…. icing mountains…….button valleys…….brocolli forests………freshwater cellophane lakes…there are huge craft continents to explore and construct, each continent with it’s own beautiful ways and cultures and ideas and ethics and languages and styles and fonts and methods….ohhhh Pangea, I would love you so….. So yes, I am itching to get going with the *Actual* making of bulk objects with the sole purpose to test the selling waters, and I am going to run free with brut force from all the winding!

I have been bookmarking the shit out of the internet, saving images like nobodies business (for the last 3 or 4 years….) and have ordered my Gocco and inks. Absolutely delighted, and seriously seriously can’t wait to get going when it arrives. I am sourcing papers and envelopes at the moment, gathering up the ideas and researching tools and ideas to make my heart beam with happieness. Excitement is rushing through me… I can’t wait to get going. 2010, I adore you already. On the note of adoration, Finbarr… words have no meaning in this situation. You are an official MakeLovelyton.

The list of things I want to make is literally bottomless, and the more I live, the more it grows. I am on an exciting chase and super enjoying the run and the joy of trying to catch something I really want. It is however extremely overwhelming, so this is something I want to try and overcome and try get my logical hands and headwarmer thought fleece on whatever the hell that means.

I hope this blog becomes an archive of the growth of my beautiful cottage industry of the future.
I hope I don’t forget the amazing ideas i’ve had that I am going to work so hard to make a reality.
Sometimes I feel like i’m going to burst i’ve so many ideas and thoughts. I have put my faith in the universe, am prepared to do some bloody hard work to do what I love to earn a living. I trust that all will be well. Things always turns out better than I could ever imagine, no matter how shit things get at times.

So yes. I need to put up some posts about the projects I have been working on as of late, with pictures. (Stephen, ever greatful *camera noises*). It will be nice to be able to look back on things like this in a couple of months and hopefully some people might get inspired and take up some new hobbies and ask some questions etc! Fun for all?

Oh, by the by, the lovely and super fabulous Caitriona is now making her ‘Crafting Mondays‘ a monthly event. This is the start of something beautiful. I will keep you guys informed of the goings on and will have photos to post soon enough, once I get them all organised! Save Draft? Hah, gonna have to cuz this shit is gonna take days, yo!

Oh, another thing just before I go (realises this is her second “oh”), but I have decided to just streamline this blog and post everything on it, using the tags to differentiate between the sectors / different areas. These tag titles will have to be decided asap to make sure things run smoothly from here on in.

So, God speed lovely ones,
I hope you had a lovely 2009 and learned from all the madness that took place, I sure as hell know that I did.
Happy New Year 🙂

What did you love and hate about 2009? New years resolutions? Do you have a project in mind that you are planning on getting done soon? Drop me a comment, would love to hear from you 🙂


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