Note to self :
Buy these. A.S.A.P. (Re: long term love affair with stamps, handprinting and fabrics/textiles).
I’ve got ideas. I’ve got an iron. I don’t have ink. I don’t have cutting tools for my lino print block. Guess what’s on the shopping list?

Spring Green
Lemon Yellow

available here at their website. I haven’t however checked out the shipping costs yet, and just know that the Art & Hobby shop over charge for this sort of thing. *Sigh*.

We will see, we will see 🙂

Newly reminded of as of ten minutes ago:
Polymer clay stamps.
Silver Clay

and the fact that I would quite like a cuppa tea right now.
Unfortunate it won’t be out of the cups I handmade in pottery that didn’t get handles… or fired… or glazed. Eugh. Come on Vici! Get flying. I will drink the tea from my 25cent charity shop groovy mug instead. Picture to follow?


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